The Age Program

The AGE program is a progeny improvement program run by the Australian Alpaca Association. This explanation appeared on  the Get Farming website


In 2003 the Australian Alpaca Association implemented a service for all AAA members to assist them in achieving their individual breeding objectives. It is called the Across-herd Genetic Evaluation (AGE) Service.

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AUSSIE ET Interview

This is an article published in Landline a television series on a public broadcaster in Australia.

Genetics of Australian alpacas advances

Reporter: Lauren Harte

First Published: 17/09/2006

LAUREN HARTE: Alpacas have been in Australia for many years, but they've struggled to remove themselves from the category of 'animals suitable for hobby farmers'. The major problem has been genetics. Australian alpacas have never had the background necessary to produce the best fibre,

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