Why wouldn't you do Business with Al and Jude at Pucara?


Perhaps you'd be intimidated because we are a "big" farm? Perhaps our 20 years experience could intimidate? Maybe our success and knowledge might make you feel inferior or scared to ask questions? Maybe because Al is BIG!!! Six foot six inches and carries some heft! It could be that Jude's expertise as an experienced senior AOBA judge might intimidate? After all she has judged alpacas all over the world.

Listen to Steve and Laura at BuzznHum Alpacas why they chose to buy off Pucara International after looking for years at getting into alpacas. From their website:

"In our quest.......we have been fortunate to meet some exceptional people in the industry that have truly helped us along the way. Jude and Al at Pucara Int’l have become our mentors as well as great friends. When we started looking into buying some animals, they would take us down to the barn and show us a few. Being totally naive about what we where looking for, we asked them to make some recommendations on a few animals that might give us the ability to attend some shows. As it turned out, they got us into some of their best bloodlines and our show results say a lot about their integrity and honesty. They have spent countless hours with us, letting us work on their ranch, taken us to various shows,  and taught us everything we needed to know and then some. There is no one in the industry that we would trust as much with our herd decisions. We would highly recommend them to anyone looking to get started in the alpaca industry, looking for some animals for their herd, or who would like to get their breeding program up to speed."

Some pertinent incentives for our potential clients:


  • Access to our experience from twenty years farming alpacas
  • Farmed alpacas in both Australia and the US
  • Have participated at the top levels in US and Aussie industry bodies. Al on the Aussie National Committee, Jude as secretary in the Aussie fiber co-op and now senior AOBA judge
  • Have exported alpacas to Britain, New Zealand, Germany, Canada
  • Run a series of seminars at all levels of expertise at no cost to buying customers.
  • Have achieved elite success in the show ring with alpacas they not only bred but also had bred their dams and sires
  • Will talk to potential clients about all financial scenarios, including terms, in regards to purchases of breeding stock, breedings to their stud males and consultancy
  • You have our commitment that for as long as you want out mentoring you have it!


Sales benefits:

We will personally help select your first alpacas so you get the best bang for your buck..

We will extend terms for purchase depending on the purchase details.

As a Pucara client you will be extended discounted breeding packages for your female alpacas purchased from us.

For terms of twelve months we will not charge interest as long as there is a 33% deposit.

You will have a month of agistment/boarding free after the purchase to give you tike to organise transport and/or get your farm ready.

You will be given free attendance to one of Pucara International seminars of your choice.