Pucara International is located just outside of McMinnville, Oregon   at 15204 Muddy Valley Rd  right opposite Maysara Wines.

Ph1: (503) 843-3939
Ph2: (503) 312-6774 ( no reception on the farm)


Driving Directions:

  • From Portland Airport, PDX
  • Leave airport on Airport Way
  • Merge right onto Highway  I-205 South
  • Continue for approx 22 miles to I-5 South
  • Merge left onto I-5 South
  • Continue to Donald exit 278  approx 10 miles
  • Merge right onto exit ramp, then turn right on what is Ehlen Rd which becomes Mckay Rd
  • Continue until this road hits a T intersection . . . approx 6.5 miles
  • Turn right (North) onto River Rd until you get into Newberg, approx. 4 miles
  • Just after Walgreens (on the right) this road veers right where it connects with
  • Highway 99W . . .
  • Turn left, you will pass through Newberg, then Dundee (very slow traffic peak hour) continue to Highway 18 (approx. 7 miles) . . . where 18 connects with 99W there is a RV Center . . . turn left there onto Hwy 18
  • Continue past the Evergreen Museum (approx. 6 miles) on the right (home of the famous Spruce Goose) and McMinnville Airport (small planes) on the left. Stay on 18 and about 8 miles from the airport is Muddy Valley Rd on the right. On the corner is the Lawrence Art Gallery
  • We are approx 2.5 miles heading north along Muddy Valley and on the left is our farm. The entrance is at the far north end of the farm.

(Normal traffic conditions . . . 75 minutes.... peak hour 90-100 mins. Beware of GPS instructions: they are fine until you get past McMinnville. They like to take you places you shouldn't go!!! No vampires we know of, just a lot of bush whacking!