Jude who is a senior AOBA alpaca judge, judge trainer and accredited wool classer, and her husband Alan are available to help in most matters alpaca.



With experience that started back in 1991 the owners of Pucara International have seen and been involved in a lot of things alpaca in several venues around the world. They have made their share of mistakes but are willing to pass on thoughts to you of how to avoid them.



Generally there are two types of consutancy that Jude and Al are involved with. Firstly there is a farm visit whereby the following is on offer:


  1. Herd and animal evaluation with breeding suggestions.
  2. Help with choosing a breeding system to achieve the most the quickest.
  3. Advice on farm and barn set up.
  4. Advice with nutrition and management
  5. In some instances advice for marketing, promotion and sales.


Secondly we do offer a "FULL" consultancy for 1-3 years. This is only on offer to one huacaya and one suri ranch/farm at a time. This involves:


  1. All the above, plus
  2. Continual communication through  all your breeding, selection, purchasing, marketing and selling, and all things management from nutrition to husbandry and farm set up.
  3. It will incude two visits every year to your farm ( on top of the original assesment visit where all your herd is graded).
  4. We will give a full length seminar on your farm once a year for outside breeeders.
  5. It will include detailed assesment of your cria every year and breeding decisions to boost your quality of production.
  6. It will include evaluation of your marketing, sales and culling programs to make each and every animal on your place mean more to the sucess of your farm.




This consultancy is not for the feint of heart. Jude and Al will advise you what to do. Often it means putting their foot down and that is something you have to accept if the consultancy is going to work. But most times it works with diligent input from the consultee.

Jude has judged alpacas all over the world, including National shows in Australia, N.Z., Britain and the U.S. Her expertise is undeniable. Alan has vast experience in almost every facet of the alpaca industry. They most likely can help you.

They consider their knowledge as something to share. They are straight shooters. Say it as they see it but have helped alpaca breeders all over the world achieve their goals. Just send them an email if you too need some help.