Alpaca farms are springing up all over the nation. Despite a wavering economy new people enter the industry and there has never been a more economical time to get into alpaca ownership. The alpaca is here to stay!

There are so many ways that new alpaca breeders get started in the alpaca industry. Many get started a very emotional start, perhaps a wrong start. How is that you may ask?

Many buy within the first three months of hearing about them. They visit very few alpaca farms. They go to only a handfull of alpaca shows. They do not attend enough alpaca educational seminars or events. More than forty percent of the buyers buy alpacas sight unseen, most likely via the internet. Very few have a business plan nor do they understand the nuances of the industry enough to be able to select a place in the market to particpate in. So many know very little about fiber, animal selection or breeding for economic gain. They have not thought enough about identity, marketing and what supports the habit -sales!

Are you feeling giddy?

Let us help you save a bucket load of money! Alpacas are maybe the second biggest investment you'll make in your life next to the family home or maybe a business. You need education and information. You need to listen to as many experienced alpaca farmers that you can. You need to find mentors, people who run an alpaca business, a successful one, based on sales and business principles rather than just show ribbons.

We have mentored and nurtured hundreds of new alpaca farms and alpaca breeders in our time. Tim Beaumont from Ohio who has become a good friend sent us a nice email just recently:

"I purchased foundation females from you because you took the time to understand my goals and help me make the best decisions. You and Jude have a wealth of knowledge gained over many years in the industry and you have always been willing to share what you know. I have found you guys to be passionate, honest and straight forward about the industry and about helping me succeed. I've enjoyed doing business with you and look forward to our continued friendship."

At Pucara International you have access to:

- Our twenty years of alpaca farming success in Australia and the U.S.

- Our knowledge of fiber. Jude is recognised internationally as a leading alpaca judge. She is a certified wool classer as well.

- Our seminar series . . . written to help from the alpaca illiterate to the experienced farmer...hands on to theory of how to succeed in this alpaca industry. This includes personalised one on one sessions with Al and or Jude to help you get started right or re-evaluate your exisitng alpaca business.

- Our workshops, held to accommodate a small class with personal assistance...both suri and huacaya, fiber and animal classing, including theory.

- We don't pull any punches. You see, this is our full time job. We have no other income source, this alpaca enterprise has to work. We want people to come back and if they are our clients we want them to be capable. The better prepared they are the better we do. Even if it's going to be a hobby for you it's such an expensive hobby you will want to succeed. We'll let you know how it is...if we think you can manage an alpaca lifestyle.

Alpacas have become our passion and a wholesome satisfying lifestyle . . . watching a cria being born or getting that show ribbon for an animal you actually made by your own breeding decision is a buzz, as much as watching our clients enjoy the same!