A Sensible Cost Savings Breeding Strategy

Leasing a stud male (herdsire) just makes so much sense. It is prevalent in most traditional livestock industries but used so little in the U.S. alpaca industry. It can also apply to females

Consider these advantages which apply to how we operate our leasing:

  1. The stud male comes to your farm.
  2. You have him for 12 months or one full breeding season.
  3. Consider if you purchased a stud male you are stuck with him! You cannot breed him to his daughters and if he produces badly you've wasted your money! Think about this. Because a male won a championship does that make him worthy of stud work to improve herd quality? Who did he beat? What show? That all depends on his parentage and how prepotent it is. Ours are prepotent and offer powerful parentage on both sides!
  4. If the stud male produces well for you 50% of the leasing fee comes off your purchase of him if you choose to do so.
  5. You can sell how ever many breedings as you like from your farm. We retain 25% of that. The male must remain on your farm however. He is not to leave and if he does, even if it is for a short distance mobile breeding we have to be informed beforehand.
  6. The stud males we lease are proven. We guarantee fertility.
  7. They are only of the stud quality we would consider using.
  8. You can actually partner up with another farm/s, but we only sign leasing agreements with the host farm and the male is to stay at that farm only.
  9. The stud male will be vet checked before he leaves to guarantee well being.
  10. The leasing farm can have Jude and Al run a seminar or be guest speakers at an event on your farm whilst the stud male is there at 50% reduction of the normal fee.
  11. We will help you promote the male/s.
  12. A worthwhile consideration is that when you advertise the hosting of the male/s you are branding yourself as a discerning farm that has sought out the top genetics in the country.


  • Whilst in your care the stud male has to be looked after in the best accepted industry standards.
  • You will insure him for the amount we offer him at sale.
  • You pay transport both ways.
  • The leasee has to communicate regularly with Pucara International re the breedings being done as well as the well being of the stud male.

All in all leasing is your friend. It saves money, it gives your program diversity, it provides it top prepotent genetics. Mostly it gives you a safety net and saves a heap of time as opposed to buying a male which does not work out. It markets your farm and it gives you a chance to make more income from an attractive product.

Call 503 843 3939 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more detail and a list of huacaya and suri boys you can lease.

Thankyou for considering our stud male leasing program.

Al and Jude