We can't think of a better way than above to illustrate the worth of Suri herdsires by looking at the picture above.


Progeny classes and Futurity Herdsire of the Year awards for us are the most prestigious ribbons to win. They prove something more than just the quality of an alpaca relative to others in its class. First and second at a prestigious show in Get says it all. We don't enter a lot of shows. Mostly it's The Futurity these days but we've lost count of Pucara Kahuna's success with Get teams. Chakotah (Kahuna grandson) has also excelled like above where he beat his grandfather Kahuna. The same year Kahuna won the Futurity Get (he has won several), Chakotah won third and Huckleberry won fourth out of 16 entries!!! In 2013 at the Futurity, Kahuna won first place in the light Get of Sire. His grand son Chakotah won the Dark Get of Sire and Chakotah's son, Wyuna, came second in the Dark Get of Sire. Wyuna followed that up by winning the Get over Kahuna at CABA!!! At the 2014 Futurity Chakotah's Wyuna won both Light and Dark Herdisre of the Year plus Kahuna won the Light Get class and Chakotah the Dark Get class! Kahuna has won six Light herdsires of the Year and two Reserves. Chakotah has won three Dark Herdsires of the Year and one Reserve! In 2015 Kahuna son Pucara PureSuri Tikanui won Light Herdsire of the Year and Wyuna won Dark Herdsire of the Year. The apple and the tree deal!. ####


Here is some verification of the high rate of repeatability amongst offspring of our stud males.


Now, remember I am not talking progeny winning individual awards where cria from our suri herdsire stable have  racked up hundreds of awards, but I'm talking a group of progeny being better than a another group from a different sire. The proof is in the pudding as my mom the indomitable Lorna May Cousill always said and she is right "The apple never falls far from the tree, son!"


In assembling our Suri stud male stable (stud meaning herdsire in this case) we are focused, calculating and don't take any prisoners. In other words "hoping" he will do good is not good enough! By assessing phenotype, genotype, prepotence in a line and analyzing any scientific data available like fiber tests, biopsy reports and EPD info, we reduce the "risk factors" greatly and increase our selection accuracy. And it is gratifying when AOA judges recognize the quality. The most important thing to us is reinforcing the best performing genetics we have by concentrating them, and shock of all shocks, that means sometimes line breeding within traditional guidelines.


As a result we have a Suri stud stable that has produced:


   Hundreds of halter ribbon winners, more than one hundred champions, it could be two hundred!

·        Best in Shows

·        More Get of Sire wins than we can recall...Pucara Kahuna, Chakotah of CCR Suris, LCA Huckleberry de Latah, Chakotah's Wyuna, Pucara PureSuri Madiba and Pucara PureSuri Tikanui come to mind.

·        Have won get classes in fleece shows.

·        Have progeny that have won championships at fleece shows.

·        Have recorded record sale prices in auction and privately.

·        Who have produced champions that have been exported.

·        Have won Dark and Light Futurity Herdsires and Reserve Herdsires of the Year

·        Foundation herdsires in the stable have produced sons and grandsons that have won individual awards like Best In Show, Herdsires of the Year and who also go onto to have cria that win Championships, Best In Shows and who win in Get Classes for their sire.


In all of this "skill" in making impressive performance based stud males, it is crucial to remember that the female, the dam, is just as important as the sire and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Yes, you can produce a championship style progeny from an average dam and a superior sire, and vice versa, but when that offspring breeds, the chances of prepotence are limited because the genes always revert to the average in the end. As Lorna said, "The apple does not fall far from the tree". So if you are bringing girls to breed to our guys and wanting a herdsire quality male offspring, make sure you think about the quality of the female you bring.


Here is some homework for you if you want to breed suris that yield performance:

    Read the following:


·        "Understanding Animal Breeding" Richard M. Bourdon

·        "Alpacas: Synthesis of a Miracle" Mike Safley

·        "Ideal Alpacas- From Myth to Reality" Mike Safley

·        " The Australian Merino" Charles Massey

·        "The Art and Science of Alpaca Judging" Jude Anderson, Cheryl Gehly, Amanda VandenBosch and Mike Safley

·        "Genetics for Dog Breeders" Roy Robinson

·        "Genetic Improvement in Cattle and Sheep" Geoff Simm

·        "The Four Stage Plan for SRS, Merinos" Jim Watts

·        "Planned Breeding", Lloyd Bracket

·        "Inbreeding: Fact Versus Myth", David Dink


    Research successful alpaca breeders and their herds. The ARI is a fantastic resource whereby you can research how pedigrees have been put together by discerning breeders. For instance, choose some top Snowmass Alpacas or CasCadNac Farm and look at their certificates. You will see how they concentrated their best genes and how they used their skill in doing that to produce top colored and white alpacas

    Look at those that have gone before! Research the best dairy, beef cattle, merino sheep, hog and horse breeds to get ideas and to see how their top breeders got that way.


Oh, did I mention there is a huge degree of luck invloved? Yep! Alpacas are not like Holsteins or other livestock that have centuries of calculated breeding in their pedigrees, but you increase your chances of success by reducing all the variables. If you don't you'll just breed to the average. No-one needs more average quality alpacas in their herd!


#### The Celebrity Sales website is being updated so we are declaring these results by memory!


Confused by all this?...call 503 843 3939 or email us and we'll help.