The SSC is a collaboration between Hasselbring's Harmony Ranch and Pucara International. It is not only a partnership in owning a select group of females (detailed below) and their progeny. The endeavour is to introduce and promote these suri genetics further into mainland America that up until this unique collaboration were NorthWest based. The partnership will be running educational events during the year in both Oregon and Missouri and its surrounds.

The mission statement for the Suri Stud Collection is to widen the focus on performance based suri genetics nation wide. This will be facilitated by the production of prepotent suri alpacas and the education of the suri industry participants on what constitutes ideal genetics and its relationship to elite textiles.

The Hasselbring Harmony Ranch take on it:

"While we have been focused on development of an outstanding colored Suri program, we have an appreciation for high quality white and light Suris as well. Pucara's genetics in both white and colored Suris are just top notch and we are thrilled about working with Al and Jude with this amazing collection of stud females. In our quest for the absolute best fleece, we believe that these select stud females will greatly advance our mutual goals. Al and Jude share our commitment to breeding for the best, based on objective data, and we appreciate their honesty and critical thinking skills in the production of elite Suris. Plus, ya' just gotta love 'em! (Al and Jude, as well as Suris!)"  ....The Hasselbrings


The Pucara International view point:

"We have been looking for years to find forward thinking suri breeders who not only love suris but are energetic and figurative in the industry to share in our genetics which up until now have been Northwest based due to the tyranny of distance. In meeting Britt and Patty we know we have found like minded, incredibly hard working and honest suri fanatics who believe in breeding suris for elite textile production. For Pucara it gives us access to the deep, colored breeding program that Britt and Patty have established to mix with our genetics that have bred Futurity Light and Dark Herdsires of the Year. Besides, we have a great time with the Hasselbrings and we're enjoying our new found friendship" Jude Anderson

Introducing the SSC Stud Females (see pics of them and/or their cria/descendants on the right hand menu)

In traditional livestock speak, "stud" refers to very top end production stock, both male and female, that have the greatest combined potential to produce the ideal that the owner/breeder is trying to achieve. Pucara International and the Hasselbring's Harmony Ranch now co-own 15 stud females in partnership which already have produced several cria. Please feel free to go to the side menu on this page to see the pictures of them and or their offspring.

Kahuna's WCF Ava Rose  ARI# 32079753

Dam of: SSC Teiva

Pucara Allure  ARI# 1105698

Dam of: Primo 2005, La Haina 2006, Hanalei 2007, Alena 2008, Ava Rose 2010, Alani 2011,

Pucara Alicia  ARI# 1269475

Dam of Santa Cruz 2006, Wirrpunda 2007, Prima 2009, Huckelberry Blue Ginger 2010

Pucara Baja Dreaming  ARI# 30697850

No cria pics

Pucara Sur-real Bette  ARI# 30449640

Dam of: Pucara Paco Agua 2008, Pucara Sur-Real Narrah 2009, Huckleberryu's Honey Up 2010

Pucara Evita  ARI# 840697

Dam of: Pucara Gilmore 2006, Pucara Herradura's Tequila 2010

Pucara Lettina ARI# 842456

Dam of: Pucara Sur-Real Letterman 2006, Pucara Sur-Real Beachley 2007, Pucara Kahuna's Lombok 2008, Pucara Herradura's Kuta Beach 2010

NWA Manchita  ARI# 1446548

Dam of: Sur-Real Chiquita 2006 , Pucara Pipeline 2008, Kahuna's Offshore Breeze 2010, Pucara Chakotah's Manchita 2011.

Grand dam of: Sur-real Chico

LCA Inca's Lace  ARI# 1259629

Pucara Sur-Re4al Kahala 2007, Kahala daughter: Chakotah's Shamrock of Pucara 2009, Pucara Sur-Real Kahuna's Inca 2010, Pucara PureSuri Huck's John John 2011

WMA Peruvian Portia  ARI#30532045

Pucara Sur-Real Chakotah's Portia 2010

Pucara Herradura's Tequila  ARI# 32079494

Maiden female

Pure Suri Mandalay  ARI# 31120203

Pucara PureSuri Tikanui 2010, Kahuna's Royal Silk

Pucara Sur-real Seaspray  ARI#32206012

Maiden female

Young Alberta  ARI# 30436954

Pucara Sur-Real Kahuna's Allira 2008, PucaraSur-Real Holly 2011, 2012 cria